Welcome to Guangdong Bangning New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.
      Professional, environmentally friendly city color road paver!

      Guangdong Bonny New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech group company which integrates investment, research and development, design, production and sales, and professional engineering contracting. It is committed to the technology and promotion of comprehensive pavement new materials and environmental protection materials. It has branches such as Beijing Branch, Shenzhen Branch, Dongguan Branch and Yangjiang Branch. We independently develop and produce a series of products, etc.

      Independently develop and produce series of environmental protection products such as anti-skid, water permeability, refitting, recycling
      and maintenance materials of high-strength color pavement.

      We regard every project as a work, from the beginning of the design plan to the completion of the project as a whole, strictly control the materials, equipment, personnel and construction, in order to reflect the value of each project.

      We are the first to collect engineering information, company dynamics, and provide comprehensive and timely news developments.